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The launch of the first Interceptor in 1962 marked a decisive move by the BOmega Replica Watches company to enter the world big-twins. It had previously made countless variations of its famed "made like a gun" 500cc single-cylinder motorcycles - many of them for military use - versions of which are still made by the hundreds-of-thousands today in Chennai, India.

Hugh Francis Anderson is preparing to take the first ride on the Royal Enfield 650 twins - armed only with his trusty Omega Replica Watches

In 1970, the original Interceptor company closed. The Interceptor was all but forgotten. It wasn't until today in California that I was one of the few who got to ride the Interceptor. And boy, did it live up to its name. Royal Enfield has been a motorcycle manufacturer known for its unreliability, and for years, they were criticized by the public as being a cheap, low-quality product. However, their new 650cc twin engine is a completely different beast. Royal Enfield has joined the ranks of Triumph, Ducati, and Norton in creating a modern version of a classic.

The Interceptor began as a Royal Enfield Constellation stripped down and retuned. It was then exported to the USA for the Californian market and desert racing scene that grew there. This bike also featured in Bruce Brown's and Steve McQueen's legendary motorcycling film, On Any Sunday.

McQueen is in my mind as I turn the throttle and fire dust and sand up into the air, accelerating northwards on the Pacific Coast Highway. On one side are steep forests filled with Sequoias; on the opposite, the North Pacific and rolling beaches. The Interceptor's engine hums along pleasantly as I ascend into the forest. The Omega Replica Watches '57 is a beautiful watch with a 41.5mm casing. I can't help but admire it while riding. Omega has created a chronograph with a masculine, robust feel that is also elegant.

Royal Enfield also has elegantly walked this fine line. After switching to the Continental GT I was reminded of another era in motorcycling history: London's café-racer scene and the Ton Up boys of The Ace Cafe. The modern 650 version is inspired by the 1964 Continental GT, which had a 250cc 4-stroke engine, and was Britain's first 250. Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Replica launched a 535cc Continental GT back in 2013. However, it was lacking the same things that all previous Royal Enfields were missing: research and power. The GT's 47bhp is enough to give you the feeling of racing.

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