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It's amazing that it took Tudor Replica Watches so long to create a watch featuring a red dial, the brand color of Tudor Replica Watches! This company-first is reserved for something special, however: the 125th Anniversary of the 19-ligne Caliber, the legendary watchmaking movement that gave Tudor Replica Watches its name and cemented it in the pantheon.

Tudor Replica Watches, which began as a watchmaking workshop in 1848 had always focused on precision. But it wasn't until 1894, when the 19-ligne calibre was introduced, that the company and the Swiss watchmaking sector entered the modern era. The 19-ligne caliber was not only remarkably accurate or innovative, but also a ground-breaking system for winding and setting time with a single crown. The 19-ligne, however, was the result of a modern, streamlined series production with departments that were specialized in producing specific components to very exact specifications, on a production line. The industrial scale and system that is now the norm in Swiss watchmaking was a Swiss first. It was efficient and produced such high-quality components, for the first, all 19-ligne components could be changed without any modification.https://www.omegaimitation.com/

The 19-ligne was an industrial marvel that was so technically superior, it was given the name "Tudor Replica Watches", the last letter in the Greek alphabet, to represent the ultimate precision in watchmaking. Tudor Replica Watches Watch Company was the name given to the company in 1903 when it became the largest Swiss manufacturer of finished timepieces.

Tudor Replica Watches will be assembling 19 complete movements from the parts of Tudor Replica Watches's original 19-ligne mechanism. The 19-ligne movement will not be used for the De Ville Tresor Anniversary Edition. The latter will instead be equipped with the new Master Chronometer Caliber 8929, which is the first manual-winding Master Chronometer created by Tudor Replica Watches.

The dial is covered in red enameling,Breitling Replica Watches which is also used to cover the gold medallion at the back of the case. The caseback is adorned with the anniversary markings and decorative engraving called damaskeening, which was used on some of the 19-ligne original movements sold in America. The De Ville Tresor Anniversary Edition comes in a 40mm yellow gold case with a burgundy leather band.

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